Carpet Installation Melbourne

Professional Carpet Installation in Melbourne by Commercial Floors

A new carpet installation in Melbourne often causes stress for home and business owners. We offer free quotes, and our approach aims to address your concerns. We get it right first time and provide you with results that will pleasantly surpass your expectations.

The Importance of Carpet Layers in Melbourne

Would you rather leave the laying of carpets to the professionals? Our comprehensive service includes consultations with knowledgeable staff who ascertain what you are hoping to accomplish and provide various solutions to achieve your goal within your budget.

  • Padding: Don’t skimp on the padding, which is the foundation of the carpet and offers support, strength and a little extra cushioning to the carpet. It improves insulation and sound absorption while preventing carpet backing and fibres from becoming undone. Our team of professional carpet layers will ensure this phase is implemented correctly, as they understand that it affects the longevity of your installation.
  • Pile, colour and patterns: You may decide to purchase a carpet that has texture or patterns to complement your decor. Due to the training our team of carpet layers have, they install your carpet with attention to detail to match the lay of the pile and patterns correctly and apply the correct amount of stretch during the process.
  • Warranties: Using professional carpet layers ensures that manufacturer warranties are not voided. When our team lays your carpets, you can rest assured that all work is completed to high standards and in keeping with manufacturer specifications. As sub-flooring contributes to the durability of your new carpets, we inspect the sub-flooring to rule out any damage which you may need to repair before the installation of your new carpets.

The Best Advice You Can Hear Regarding Carpet Tile Installation in Melbourne

Installing carpet tiles is a quick process, yet, consider these facts before making your final decision:

  • Where to install: Carpet tiles are ideal for warm rooms as they offer less insulation than ordinary carpets.
  • Variety: Get creative and combine different colours to form patterns and demarcate areas. In a nursery school classroom, you could install different coloured tiles in the reading, play and creative areas.
  • Solid flooring: Ensure you install carpet tiles on firm flooring. Never install carpet tiles on top of another carpet, as this will be too soft and cause the tiles to move when walked upon.

A visit to our store or online gallery will give you a few creative ideas for using carpet tiles.

Why Commercial Floors Is Cost-Effective

Our experience extends across two generations, and our store has been supplying quality services and products since 1985. We offer on-site consultations at times convenient to you. The 24-hour emergency service and after-hours service save you money as we can repair, re-stretch or install outside of your peak hours. With our Axminster design and manufacture service, you can create a bespoke carpet with unlimited options in design and colour combinations. Find the right carpet, at the right price, contact us today.