Carpet Tiles Melbourne

Using Carpet Tiles in Melbourne Homes and Commercial Spaces Is Budget Friendly

With a modern modular carpet tiles approach in Melbourne, colour and geometric designs create stunning patterns and accents to bounce light from and draw one’s eye around a room through all decor focal points.

Signs You Should Invest in Carpet Squares in Melbourne

When you are ready to pull your hair out due to a space in your office has challenging lighting or is a peculiar shape, relax, all you need is carpet tiling. Smart usage of these tiles can transform a space in a jiffy.

  • Heavy traffic areas: When you notice that carpets in certain areas are worn out while the surrounding carpet is in perfect condition, switch to carpet squares. Most of the wear on a carpet occurs on 20% of the carpeted area. Squares will enable you to replace only the worn tiles and not the entire carpet.
  • Less waste: If you are budget conscious, squares are the way to go. Installing carpet squares produces 4% waste as opposed to a standard carpet installation which produces 13% wastage.
  • Cannot afford downtime: If your routine or hectic pace at the office is not conducive to downtime, you need to consider carpet squares. This modular method of laying carpets requires approximately half the installation time compared to standard carpet installations, and you don’t need to remove furniture. A saving in labour hours generates a saving on the bottom line.

Should you opt to include geometric carpet tiles in your Melbourne commercial space, you can create elaborate designs to compliment or contrast with existing decor. There are a multitude of compelling reasons in favour of carpet squares; they are exciting, versatile, functional and an attractive addition to interior spaces.

Benefits of Carpet Square Repairs in Melbourne

Carpet squares are engineered to last longer, which is an essential economic factor. Yet, occasionally it’s necessary to repair a damaged portion of carpeting, which occurs with standard carpeting too, but the critical difference is the cost of the repair.

  • Maintenance and repair: If cleaning fails to remove all stains, you can replace the affected tiles without disrupting ongoing activities — also reducing replacement costs.
  • Time: Repairs are quick and non-intrusive
  • Costs: Repairing carpet squares is a quick, simple and cost-effective process. You only replace a tile or two and not the entire carpet in a room.

Why Choose Commercial Floors

Our professional team offers a 24-hour repair service to cater for unforeseen and untimely mishaps. With three decades of experience in the carpet industry, we are the trusted name in carpet installation and repairs. We operate from Melbourne and have a mobile showroom. Our team provides free quotes and on-site consultations at times convenient to your busy schedule. Samples are available to compare to other items in your room. We’re all about exceptional service and quality products at competitive prices.

Raise the bar on carpeting by creating a bespoke design with versatile carpet squares. Contact us today for assistance.