Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

Upgrade Your Commercial Space with Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

Luxury vinyl tile flooring has evolved to become an affordable alternative to traditional hardwood planks or ceramic tiles. Once installed, you experience the look of a quality wood floor without the expense and ongoing maintenance.

Common Mistakes People Make When Installing Vinyl Floor Planks in Melbourne

Whether you choose to install your vinyl floor tiles in Melbourne yourself, or work with installation professionals, avoid the following mistakes:

  • Selecting flooring without placing a sample in the room – The appearance of your floor changes throughout the day based on the light in the room. Your floor will look different in natural light versus artificial light. Our team is happy to provide you with samples you can monitor throughout the day, and observe how various lighting conditions will affect your floor.
  • Not preparing the subfloor – To ensure a professional appearance, it is critical that you properly prepare the subfloor. The floor must be as level as possible, and holes must be repaired. Be mindful of transitions from one room to another, as these areas often have different floor heights. To resolve different floor levels, you must either make the floors equal in height or install transition cover trim.
  • Misalignment – Over time, homes settle, and corners are no longer ninety degrees. Aligning your vinyl planks with one wall may cause your floor to appear angled. When installing vinyl planks in your Melbourne home, take your time and consider the size of your room. For small rooms, such as a bathroom, it may be acceptable to use a prominent wall to align the planks. For larger or oddly shaped rooms, install the first row down the centre and then work outwards. This method will ensure the planks appear straight in the most visible areas.

Installing your own flooring can be done, but we recommend professional installation to save yourself time and costly mistakes.

A Short Buyer’s Guide to Cushioned Floor Tiles in Melbourne

Cushioned floor tiles are an excellent flooring option for a school or commercial property. When purchasing flooring, consider the following:

  • There are numerous options when choosing floor material. Choose amaterial that is suitable for the location. In areas that may become wet, it is critical that you select flooring with a non-slip surface. Consider how comfortable the floor will be for walking, standing, or sitting. For school or commercial settings, sound absorption is a consideration as well.
  • Examine the traffic patterns on your existing flooring. Identify areas with higher wear and choose durable flooring for these high-use areas. Choose flooring that you can replace easily. Carpet tiles allow spot repair or replacement, saving you the cost associated with replacing an entire area for a small flaw.
  • Usefloor tiles to create geometric patterns to add interest to an otherwise blank space. Patterns can lead people through your office to important meeting rooms or identify separate areas. While solid flooring can be beautiful, patterns create interest and can be functional.

Cushioned floor tiles are ideal as they allow you to choose materials suitable for specific locations, they are simple to replace, and they add a unique flair to your school or office.

Why Commercial Floors

Our professional and courteous staff are happy to bring our mobile showroom to your commercial space. You can review samples in the comfort of your office and choose the most suitable samples.

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