Timber Laminate Flooring Melbourne

Commercial Floors offers Timber Laminate Flooring in Melbourne

At Commercial Floors we have been in the flooring business since 1985 and are proud to offer timber laminate flooring in Melbourne. With two generations of flooring experience under our belt, we have supplied flooring to some of Australia’s most prominent landmark buildings. Our team of qualified installers can handle all the requirements from removing the existing floor coverings to moving the furniture back into the room.

The Benefits of Engineered Timber Flooring in Melbourne

Engineered timber flooring looks like traditional hardwood flooring, but it’s actually a composite of several layers of plywood sheets, which has several benefits compared to conventional hardwood floors including less cost. It’s also designed to reduce issues with moisture compared to traditional hardwood floors.

  • Traditional hardwood floors are subject to moisture and weather conditions, causing them to swell or warp. Engineered timber flooring and timber laminate have an extra layer of veneer that provides stability and blocks excess moisture.
  • They require a great deal less maintenance than traditional hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring needs to be polished regularly and kept clean. Because of this, flooring made from engineered timber is ideal for places where spills are frequent such as in kitchens.
  • Engineered timber is also an eco-friendly choice. With traditional sawn hardwood flooring, a lot of the lumber goes to waste. With Engineered timber, there is much less waste, requiring fewer trees to cover the same area.

What sets Commercial Floors Apart Regarding Engineered Timber Flooring

Our over the top customer service sets us apart in Melbourne. Having been in business for over 34 years, we have cultivated a reputation for providing the best service possible. We understand that installing new flooring can cause a lot of stress and disruption, but we work with our clients to minimise this, working with their schedule.

  • Our installers have decades of experience installing all types of flooring in Melbourne and will take care of every aspect of the installation process including removing the existing floor coverings and furniture and putting everything back when they have finished the installation. All you need to do is enjoy your new flooring.
  • Another way we minimise the stress involved in getting new flooring installed is by working with your schedule. We understand that many businesses cannot have downtime during their business hours, so we offer an after-hours service.
  • In addition to after-hours service, we also offer 24-hour emergency service. Accidents can happen when you least expect them, but with our 24-hour emergency service, we can have a team attend them 24/7.

About Commercial Floors

We began offering commercial flooring in 1985 and now have two generations of experience in the flooring business with all kinds of floors, including carpet tiles, vinyl and vinyl plank. Not only do we supply and install flooring, but we maintain it as well. If you’re interested in learning more about our flooring options in Melbourne, including visiting our mobile showroom, contact us today.